PAL002 – Color by Elektro Guzzi

PAL002 - Color by Elektro Guzzi

Fresh from releasing the session album “Achse Dachse”, Elektro Guzzi present the second release on their newly established label Palazzo. From the first bass drum hit on, the three-piece EP is gleaming with uniqueness, revealing a completely new, previously hidden side of the trio’s work: little melodies here and there, equally weird and playful, different rhythms and percussive patterns, a much warmer and brighter vibe – with techno being the framework for this creative evolution.

Palazzo presents rough and intuitive releases by ELEKTRO GUZZI in various different formats. The label has been founded for collaborative projects and activities to create an alternative space for dance music and experimental art. Palazzo also serves as a DIY platform to present works from visual artists.

ELEKTRO GUZZI combine club music and live performance to a unique, energetic mixture. They overcome the rigid boundary of analog versus digital, unifying the human being with his machines in an unprecedented way and surprising the listener with their innovative productions.

Format: Digital
Release: 09.02.2018
Cat. No.: PAL002
EAN: 4260544834158

1. Heat Wave 04:20
2. Maelstrom 03:56
3. Compas 04:06